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On Tour with Thomas Telford

Published 2004; 112pp; 240x170mm.
Hardback ISBN 095420963-X £16.95
Paperback (2006) ISBN 0954209664 £12.99


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Longdon-upon-Tern aqueduct Longdon-upon-Tern aqueduct
Congregation, Portnahaven
Members of the Board of Congregation, Portnahaven, Islay
Severn River rescue crew
Severn River rescue crew, Sharpness Canal
Stanley Embankment
Stanley Embankment,
Holyhead Road, Anglesey
Cast iron detail, Waterloo Bridge
Cast iron detail, Waterloo Bridge, Holyhead Road, Bettws-y-coed
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker, bridgekeeper, Moy, Caledonian Canal

Thomas Telford, an innovative and enterprising Scot, was the leading engineer of his generation. As the eighteenth century turned to the nineteenth his unprecedented use of iron produced two wonders of the world, Pont-cysyllte Aqueduct and the Menai Bridge .

The great man spent his whole life travelling round his myriad projects: Chris Morris follows in his footsteps, celebrating the two hundred year old structures and frequently including a slice of modernity as a counterpoint. The strong graphic images in this book are presented with a conventional photographic quality.

An introduction by Sir Neil Cossons, Chairman of English Heritage, underpins the validity of Chris Morris's text and photography. The extended second edition (paperback) includes more material from England, Scotland and Wales.

'Chris Morris brings to life through this vivid portfolio the bold inventiveness of a man whose genius can be appreciated as much for its artistry as its engineering vigour’ – Sir Neil Cossons.